We have lots of ways for adults of all ages to get involved in the life of North Church.

Adult Education

Fellowship: North Church invites you to become part of the family.

Women’s Activities

Mission Activities: There are many ways to get involved in serving our community, from sewing dresses for girls to serving at a soup kitchen and more!

Music & Sacred Dance: Learn how to worship God creatively and express yourself in new ways.

Membership: Wondering what it means to be a member at North Church?

Book Groups
Everyone is invited to participate in a book group discussion. Book groups meet in the church library on the third and fourth Wednesday of the month.

New Books in the Library
Several new books have recently been added to the North Church library. All can be found on the bookshelves in the Dickinson Room.

Senior Wellness Classes
Everyone is invited to participate in wellness classes at North Church. Chair yoga meets nearly every Monday and Wednesday from 10:15-11:00 a.m. in Westminster Hall.

 Silver Sneakers Circuit meets nearly every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-10:15 a.m. in Westminster Hall. The class is 45 minutes of standing low-impact choreography alternated with upper body strength work. This class is suitable for all levels of fitness, and the instructor will modify to fit your skill level.

Both classes are donation-based  and we accept Silver Sneakers. Come join us! If you have a question about the schedule, we invite you to call the church office at 716.632.1330.





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