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Date  Title Speaker
8.27.17 Minds Renewed Pastor Bill Hennessy
8.20.17 What Our Words Reveal Pastor Bill Hennessy
8.13.17 Maybe Vegas was right Mark Aquino
8.6.17 Food for Our Brokenness Pastor Bill Hennessy
7.16.17 Those Who Have Ears…Listen Pastor Bill Hennessy
7.9.17 Hanging On and Letting Go Pastor Bill Hennessy
6.25.17 Cross Bearing Pastor Bill Hennessy
3.5.17 Eyes Wide Open Pastor Bill Hennessy
2.19.17 Practically Holy Pastor Bill Hennessy
2.12.17 Where Do We Stand? Pastor Bill Hennessy
2.5.17 Turn on the Light Pastor Bill Hennessy
1.29.17 What Really Matters Pastor Bill Hennessy
1.22.17 The Heart’s Longing Pastor Bill Hennessy
1.1.17 Seeking Refuge Pastor Bill Hennessy

2 Comments Add yours

  1. berglouise says:

    Miss seeing the sermons. Mary Louise

    1. North Presbyterian says:

      Hi Mary Louise,
      We try to post as many as possible. There isn’t always a text or an outline for a sermon. I think we have all we have online now.

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