Assisting Refugees

Afghan Evacuees Arriving.  You Can Help!
The North Church Session approved and sent $3,000 to Journey’s End Refugee Services for renting an apartment for a family of Afghani evacuees. Approximate 350 evacuees are expected to arrive in Buffalo slowly over the next 6 months.

Thanks to a number of donations already received, we are well on our way to being ready to welcome an Afghan family to Buffalo. Please email Kerri Bigler, at, if you are able to help with any of the items still outstanding. Donations may be dropped off at the church during business hours and on Sunday mornings. It is preferred that donations are received by October 31st. We will have more information on the family once our item donation drive is complete.  Monetary donations can be made at any time to North Presbyterian Church with “Afghan Evacuees” in the subject line.

If you have any questions or items to donate, please contact Kerri Bigler at

Our ministry to refugees includes:

  • We oppose the 2017 order banning refugees’ entry into U.S. Learn more.
  • Advocacy and Interaction
  • In Fall 2016, North Church helped settle a family from Eritrea.
  • Organizations We Support
    • Music in Exile is traveling the world to record the songs and stories of people displaced by war and violence.
    • Journey’s End which assists families approved for permanent resettlement in the US. In the past two decades we have helped Vietnamese, Cambodian, Ethiopian, Ukrainian, Russian-Armenian, and Bosnian refugees.
    • Catholic Charities Refugee Program which has been working with refugees locally since 1923, providing non-sectarian services including immigration assistance, ESL classes and employment counseling.
    • Jericho Road Community Health Center provides full spectrum medical care to all who need it – especially the medically underserved, including many refugees and immigrants.
    • Stitch Buffalo welcomes all kinds of help. We always need donations and are actively seeking volunteers to help with running classes, retail sales, class preparation, and much more. If you’d like to be a part of Stitch Buffalo, contact us  and tell us a little more about your interests and talents. We’d love to hear from you!

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