The History of North Church

We have been an active congregation within the Western New York region for more than 175 years.  Beginning as a small congregation in the city of Buffalo, New York, in 1847, our congregation gradually moved north and east over the years to different sites within the city and beyond as demographic changes occurred.  Ground was broken for the present suburban location in Williamsville, NY, in 1954, and in 2015, we celebrated our 60th anniversary at 300 North Forest Road.

175th Anniversary

The Fall/Winter of 2022 will be a celebration of the 175th anniversary of the founding of North Presbyterian Church.  Founded in 1847 on Main Street between Tupper and Chippewa streets in Buffalo, it was considered too far north and was named North Presbyterian Church.  The first service was October 3, 1847, and the Church was dedicated on December 29, 1847.  In 1905 North Presbyterian Church moved to Delaware and Utica streets, and in 1952 moved to Williamsville becoming the first Presbyterian church in Amherst.

During its 175 years, North Presbyterian Church has lasted through wars and numerous health crises (beginning with the cholera outbreak in Buffalo in 1849).  As we move out of the 2020-2022 pandemic, it is appropriate that we celebrate North Church’s long history and resiliency.

We celebrate our children’s programs, which, through wonderful leadership, continued during the pandemic.  We prepared a short video that illustrates the innovation that provided Christmas pageants and children’s choir during the pandemic.

We also want to celebrate the 175 years of outstanding worship, music, education and mission at North Presbyterian Church.  Sermons are scripture-based and nuanced with modern interpretations and the music is varied with the chancel choir, children’s choir, Iner-G (intergeneration choir), handbell choir, dance, organ, piano, and occasionally other instruments.  This short video provides samples of the music and another short video shows examples of the worship experience at North Church.

Mission has always been a priority at North Church, and collectively we donated $41,201 in 2021 to three PCUSA offerings and numerous local, national, and international mission and relief projects.  This includes the annual Turkey Basket project (in partnership with Congregation Shir Shalom) that fed 500 Families in 2021, supporting an Afghan refugee family in 2022, and providing a monthly meal to Friends of Night People.  In addition, North Church leases the former manse to the Family Justice Center as its Amherst Satellite for $1 annually.

Sunday School, Adult Education and Bible study are all important parts of the spiritual growth at North Church.  The Sunday School and an adult education group meet on Sunday mornings and Bible study groups meet Sunday mornings and Tuesday afternoons.

There are also many social groups that have and still meet on a regular basis:  two book discussion groups, Sarah Circle (women’s group), NPC needlers, Dress-A-Girl, and many others.

We would like to invite you to join us in celebrating North Presbyterian Church’s 175th anniversary.  Highlights of this Fall’s celebration include:

  • September 11- Welcome Back Coffee/ Fellowship following the worship service. Come take a visual tour through our history.
  • October 23 – A celebratory luncheon following the worship service.

Many other events and activities are planned, and we invite you to attend any Sunday Worship Service to help us celebrate North Presbyterian Church’s 175th anniversary.

Read more history: North Church History.

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