Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care Team is an important branch of the Deacons’ outreach to the congregation. Members of the Pastoral Care Team provide personal support and understanding to individuals who are experiencing a change in their lives — a change in health, extended medical treatment, a hospital stay, an addition to their family, the death of a loved one, becoming homebound, moving to a residential care facility, or another special need. The ways in which the Pastoral Care Team may help are as varied as the circumstances that prompt the need. Here are some examples:

Ministry to the Homebound
The Pastoral Care Team provides personal visits to those just home from the hospital or who are in transition, to those who are coping with illness, or to anyone who needs a visit. Other services include:

  • Cards & greetings
  • Flowers
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Running errands
  • Respite care for caregivers

Neighborhood Groups
North’s membership has been grouped into 25 geographic “neighborhoods.” This initiative offers members the opportunity to gather periodically in a town meeting for the purpose of getting to know each other, sharing information about interests and signing up on a list of people willing to help out their North neighbors with rides, meals, odd jobs, or other aid, during times of illness/crisis.

Prayer Chain
A member prayer team offers intercessory prayer upon request by a member or their family.

Heather Randall is the Pastoral Care Team Coordinator.

For more information about the Pastoral Care Team, please call the church office at 716-632-1330.

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