There is a meditation for each week of the year, but feel free to meditate on these devotions in whatever order and according to whatever frequency you find most helpful.

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Blessed are You, Creator of the Universe.
You have showered us with an abundance of gifts – the beauty of spring, communities of people and friends of faith.
Open us to new life, so that we bloom, giving joy to the world;
Birth-giving Spirit. Amen

For what events or signs of spring do you give thanks?
What communities are a blessing to you?
Where might you sow seeds of love?

Romans 6:3-11

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Breath of God,
You blow through our wildernesses and set us free. You bring a calm breath to our fast-paced world.  You move in and among us giving us closer to You.
Help us to slow down and choose only life-giving words and actions;
Creative One, Life-giving Spirit, Ruah. Amen

When has the Spirit blown through your life and set you free?
What do you do to center your life?
After gazing at the mandala, what comes to you as a gift?

Ezekiel 37:4, Acts 2:1

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Leafy Vine, Nourisher of All,
You reach for us to feed us with Your rich food.  You blossom and give us abundant fruit.
Wrap us in Your branches.  Help us send out Your greening power to neighbors near and far;
Blossom of Life

Where have you seen God’s greening power?
When have you opened a space for new life?
Where would you like to see growth in Your life?

I am the true vine and my father is the vine-grower.
John 15:1-8

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Fiery Spirit, Light of Hope,
You led our forebears in their long journeys through many trials. You have opened new vistas to us.
Change our lives by the movement of Your Spirit.  Breathe into us compassion for others and for Your world;
Heavenly dove

When have you been led by God’s fiery Spirit?
What catches your eye in the mandala?
How does it connect with your life?

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Running Stream, Gushing Fountain,
You are the very essence of our life. You give drink and bless us in the waters of baptism.
Renew our lives and help us flood our neighborhoods with acts of kindness and deeds of justice;
Life-giving Water. Amen.

When have you been blessed by baptismal waters?
What in your neighborhood needs renewal?
In what areas of your life are you thirsty?
What part of the mandala connects with you?

Jeremiah 17:7-8

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Light of the World,
You bring new life to those who are stumbling. You brighten the darkest corner of our lives.
Teach us to see You in the faces of others and recognize Your love in the world. Help us be a bright light in the lives of others;
Creator of the stars, moon and sun

Where were you aware of a holy star-lit sky?
Who has been a light-bearer to you?
What do you need to learn about sharing light?

Jesus said, “I am the Light of the World.”

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Divine Heart, Loving Parent,
You bless children, befriend them, call them by name, and share Your love through them.
Pull our heart strings, open us to the children of the world who need our wisdom, our hearts, and our hands.
May we all join hands and dance with joy;
Love Connection, Circle of Love.

Mark 9:36-37

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Cup of Blessing, Bread of Life
You overflow with love and bless us with seeds for new life. You flow within us bringing the energy of compassion.
Help us pour out our life as Jesus taught us, giving hope to those whose lives we touch.  Guide us to be bread for the hungry;
Thou Holy Loaf and Chalice.

Who has been the cup of blessing to you?
How do you feed others, spiritually and/or practically?
What is a holy meal for you?

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Bounteous God
You provide green trees in the wilderness, green pastures to enjoy, green fields filled with food.  Our lives are made fertile with your compassion and mercy.
Guide us with you greening power to develop green lives and green communities so future generations may enjoy this world;
Root, Trunk, Leaves of our Lives

What image catches your attention in the mandala?
What is God’s call to you?
What communities in your life need God’s greening power?

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God of Promise
You led Noah on a journey to a new place, and Abraham and Sarah to a new home. You invite us always into your company, on a journey to a new place.
We need the fresh winds of your Spirit to blow energy and encouragement into our times and our lives.  Open our lives to sing “Alleluia”;
Flood, Rainbow and Green Leaves

Where do you find yourself in the mandala – flood, stream, garden, light, rainbow, “alleluia”, centered?
On what journeys has God led you?
When this week did you sing “alleluia”?

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Spirit Who Shelters Us
You gather chicks under your wings and protect them. You send us messengers with good news. You care for us each day. You bring our lives to blossom.
Help us to hear your call to us and follow your wisdom so we too shelter those in need, bringing comfort and joy to their lives;
Angel Messenger

After gazing at the mandala with easy eyes, what images do you see?
What are your growing places?
From what do you need sheltering?

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Star of Wonder
You shine upon us through the ages. You spread Your wisdom on young and old.
You fill our lives with light and the warmth of Your love.
Ignite the sparks of Your light in us. May people see in us the peace of Christ and hope for their lives. May we all dance in harmony;
Light of the World

What community do you see showing the peace of Christ?
When has the light of Christ been revealed to you?
Give thanks for the people who in Christ have lighted your way?

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Sacred Seed of Life
You are in each of us, potent with possibilities. You encourage growth from seed to flower to fruit. You prepare cultivated fields for us.
Grant us clear sight, keen hearing, and dancing feet so we may make Your kingdom a reality with Your gifts;
Vibrant Life

What colors would you choose to put in the mandala?
What seeds are growing in you?
Who nourishes you?

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Risen Savior
You show us how to change lives, how to share our gifts, how to transform lives. New life emerges from what appears dead.
Help us radiate Your love, compassion and mercy. Move us to let go of our inner butterfly;
Chrysalis, Cocoon, Emerging Butterfly

What part of the mandala speaks to you?
What is dormant in your community of faith?
What needs the transforming juice of God in your life?

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Sign of New Life,
You brought hope to Noah, a green bit of growth. You give us a fresh start when we turn to You, when we trust You.
Encourage us to trust the promises You made in covenant with our ancestors. Help us see Your signs of love all around us;
Awakening Spirit

What gives you hope?
Where are you seeking a fresh start?
What signs of God’s love have you seen this week?

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Creator God
You made rivers and lakes and oceans. In the past you have provided streams in the desert for your people. Out of love you brought Jesus to the Jordan River to be baptized.
Remind us to share the waters of the earth and to offer those in need a drink of fresh, cold water to give them life and satisfy their thirst;
God of Awesome Waters

When did you need a drink of cold water and someone provided one?
What does the green heart in the mandala mean to you?
What greening efforts are you being called to provide?

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Holy One who woos us on the journey of faithfulness
You set before people a way, a road provide a light for the path and life-giving food.
Help us find the seeds of hope along the way, that we are strengthened for the journey toward you and one another;
Path of Love

What image stands out for you in the mandala?
How does it connect with your story of faith?
What began as seeds for your ministry?

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God of Hospitality
You invite us, all of us, to your home for a grand party. You heap love upon everyone and show us how to be gracious.
Help us find those who need a banquet of love, a place of peace, a hand of friendship. Help us remember your feast so we may continue your love in the world;
Holy Hostess and Host

What banquets of hospitality have you been part of?
What gifts for generating love have you been given?
What color is love? What colors belong in your version of this mandala?

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Playful Mystery
You lead us beside still waters and great meadows. You lead us by stars and fire. You dance in us and around us with playful joy.
Guide our steps so that we are filled with your joyful dance of life, knowing we are secure in your mystery;
Dancing God

What still waters are part of your life story?
When have you been led by fire?
What part do bursts of light play in our journey to God?

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Seed of Life
You surround us with your beauty, you fill us with bountiful life and give us gifts to continue your generous creation.
Help us see life as generous and our own lives as filled with your blessed gifts of love, generosity, hospitality and service;
Holy Spirit, Love Divine

What image holds your gaze in this mandala?
What is its invitation to you?
Name the graciousness you see today.

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Calmer of Storms
You tame the wild waves, calm the storms of life, bring peace to rocking boats.
Help us center our lives in you, giving up need to control everything. Help us see that trusting you is enough. Give us the strength to place our lives in your gentle arms.
Bringer of Peace

What stresses you? What can you give to God?
Where do you find yourself in the mandala? In the boat, walking on water, hiding?
How can you practice trust?

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Light in the Darkness
You lead your people in surprising ways with a star, with a burning bush, with a bright light. You gather us from turmoil, blindness, and exile into new life.
Help us find your guiding light and focus on so we walk in the path you intend for us.
One Who Journeys with us.

To what part of the mandala are your drawn?
What have been your experiences of God’s light?
What questions has your journey to god produced lately?

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Warm-hearted God
You care for the broken hearted of this world and love them from brokenness to wholeness.  You provide sustenance for those who hunger and thirst.
Give us eyes to see the broken places in the world, the wisdom to make shape new forms and the courage to bring lives to wholeness.
Healer of Brokenness

What saints of God have guided through brokenness?
Gazing softly through the center of the mandala, what gift is given you?
What gifts of making things whole have been given to you?

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Beloved Who Welcomes All
You love us, all of us, beyond what we can imagine or ask.
You cherish all your children and bring them to your comforting embrace
Take our fear of strangers away. Help us be neighbors to all we meet
Give us eyes to see the injustice around us and the heart to respond;
Creator of Infinite Variety

What strangers have helped you overcome an obstacle in your life?
Who do you need to welcome in God’s name?
Where do you see yourself in this mandala?

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Gentle Gardener
Creator of the earth and all stars, of all things green, butterflies and rainbows.
You have created an universe of beauty, a place that changes before our eyes.
You created us to change. Help us stretch from our stuckness.
Remove our fear of change so that we may grow closer to you;
Tree of Life

When have your stretched beyond your comfort zone?
What lessons of life have you learned from gazing at a tree?
From a cocoon, butterflies emerge in new form and fly for the first time. When have you felt like you had new wings?

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Heart of all Hearts
Your love and compassion draws us to you and to one another
The small bits of kindness we see in your universe grow in our lives
Instruct us in the wisdom of your heart.
Open our being so your light and love overtakes us;
Seeds of Love

When did you become aware of God’s love for you?
Where have you seen God’s love in action this week?
Who has guided you in love?

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Joyful Presence
You bring wholeness to our brokenness, freedom from our imprisonment, joy to our sadness, life to our deaths. We sing songs of joyful praise to you.
Open our eyes to see your messengers. Help us share the good news of the peace you bring to our lives. Prepare us to live generous, grace filled lives;
God of Grace and Glory.

What message do you see in the mandala? What is it’s gift to you?
Who have been bears of good news to you?
What is your moment of joy this week?

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Abiding Love
Your love is a refuge in troubling times. You surround us with wings like a mother eagle.
You call us to follow you and strengthen us for the journey.
Guide us as we venture into new relationships. Fill us with your light and wisdom.
Bind us together in faith and love;
Generous God.

When have you been aware of God’s love?
Who has been a person showing god’s love in your life?
What have you learned to share from this person?

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Blessed One
Your infinite love strengthens us for the journey. Your generosity in creation gives a gorgeous landscape for our life. You provide and abundance of food and music for our souls.
Teach us the ways of peace and justice that we may be gifts to the creatures of the earth. Multiply in us the passion to care for others;
Holy Presence

What dreams do you have for this world?
What gifts have you been given to share with the world?
What is God’s invitation to you at this time?

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Creative One
Thank you for the sustaining love and grace that you pour into our lives. You stand by us in our small efforts to transform our lives and this world of yours.
Guide our paths so we may see your way and learn to serve you. Open our hands to our neighbors in need around the world and right next door;
Graceful Savior

What changes have you made because of God’s love?
What transformation have you seen in God’s world?
For what changes in the world do you pray?

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Light of the World
You show us the way to walk in your ways. You are a beacon for our lives. Thank you for giving us Jesus who showed us how to bring light to others.
Christ, may your light shine brightly through us. Show us how to illumine the paths for others.
Lamplighter for Creation

What is God making clear for you?
Where are you called to take your light?

It is you who light up my lamp; God, my God, illumines my night.
Psalm 18:28

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Joy Divine
You lead us in the dance of life with vision and joy. You partner with us filling us with the energy of love for creation.
You are with us always. Open our heart and soul to your presence each moment of life. Help us brush away anxiety and fear.
Dance of Life

What brings you great joy?
What gifts has God given you?

In your presence there is fullness of joy; in your right hand are pleasure forever more. Psalm 16:11b

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Deep Presence
Creator of the intricacies of our world, you amaze us each day with new wonders. The sun warms our body and soul. Tiny berries are given to feed us. Bright green leaves emerge before us each spring.
May we be still and take to heart your bountiful gifts each day.
God of the hushed world

For what tiny, amazing life do you give thanks?
From  what awesome sight do your know God?

Be still, and know that I am God
Psalm 46:10

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Transforming Spirit
You work among us in the world today, transforming lives, offering abundance while others raise fear about scarcity.
Show us the way to serve bringing justice, equality and peace to those who need it.
Dove of Peace

As your heart leads the way, for what do you find yourself praying?
Where are you being invited to share your gladly-given gifts?

One generation shall laud your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.
Psalm 145

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Thirst-Quenching God
You graciously provide water for your people on a desert walk. You guide Moses to a rock that gushes forth water when he hits it as you directed.
Open our eyes to hear the thirsty crying around the world. Help us share your water.
Eternal Source of Love

When have you been nourished by God’s gift of water?
For what do you thirst?

Exodus 17:1-7

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Healing God
You heal people with loved poured out by your faithful servants. A foreigner, Naaman, through the urging of a faithful child, journeys to the Jordan River and is healed of his leprosy.
Help us to trust your direction and wisdom for our life and that of neighbors near and far.
Compassionate Love

When have you heard God’s wisdom through a child?
When has a journey given you a sense of healing?

2 Kings 5:1-27

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God Who Calls Us by Name
You promise that when we pass through the waters, you will be with us. You assure us that the rivers shall not overwhelm us and when we walk through fires we will not be burned.
Your assurance is comforting. Help us remember and trust you that we have good news to share with others.
Redeemer and Savior

Recall  and give thanks for moments when God pulled you from a torrent of rain.
What “ahas” have you recently experienced?

Isaiah 43:2

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One Who Journeys with Us
Each day your gifts are before us: water for drinking and bathing, bread for breaking and eating, the Holy Spirit to guide us, the light of Christ to guide us. We are truly blessed.
Open our eyes and hearts and minds to be caretakers of your gifts.
Gift Giving God

What gifts of God are present to you today?
What challenges lay before you?

I will give thanks to God with my whole heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.
Psalm 9:1-2

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Creator of the Universe
From the beginning we stand in awe of your power and the majestic beauty of the world you created. The world is full of your presence. You are always creating.
Open our eyes to the new creation you give us each day. Help us commit again to you as the power of power for our lives.
God of All Beginnings

List new beginnings in your life.
What is God calling you to change about your life?

See, the former things have come to pass, and new things I now declare;
before they spring forth, I tell you of them.
Isaiah 42:9

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Living Water
You spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well and told her of water that will always be there for her, living water. Such good news spread through her community.
May we rise to new life to do your work and  spread your good news of living water, life-giving water to our neighborhoods.
Ever-flowing Stream

What has the Lord provided for you when you most need it?
What are your experiences with living water?

John 4: 1-42

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Great Deliverer
In the exodus from Egypt, through the Red Sea, you delivered your people to freedom In each generation you offer deliverance to your people. You still work for deliverance for people.
May we join with you wherever people long for freedom, for release from captivity. guide us on your paths to freedom.
God of Freedom

How has God blessed you?
How do you bless the Lord?

Exodus 14: 21-30

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Gentle Jesus
Like a kind and gentle servant you lovingly wash the feet of your disciples. You provide hands-on teaching so they can also wash feet of people who need it.
May we bring compassion , love and concrete help to those we meet this day. make us a channel of your loving and teaching.
Loving Teacher

From whom have you received caring and love recently?
What are your learnings from receiving care?

Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet,
you also should wash one another’s feet.
I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.
John 13:14-15

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Challenging Friend
You challenged fishermen to leave their nets and their boats and use their skills to fish for people. You offered a fresh and hopeful place in the kingdom of God.
You call us today to follow you, to care for others and to share the good news of freedom and release. Be with us when we follow in your path for us.
Fisher for People

When have you been stretched beyond your comfort zone?
Who has God worked through to nudge you in God’s paths?

I will teach you how to catch people instead of fish.
Matthew 4:19

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Generous God
You offer everyone a banquet, a promise of enough food and water to release us from worry. At the same time our souls thirst for you.
Show us how to tell the world a new story of you and of abundance. Help us counter the story of “not enough”
Life-giving God

What is your practice of hospitality?
How do you live with God’s abundance?

Lo, everyone who thirsts come to the waters.
Isaiah 55:1a

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Trusting One
Jesus, in the midst of a storm, the disciples see you walking on water. You invite Peter to walk to you on the water and even now you invite us to get out of the boat and do the same.
Help us keep our eyes on you and keep our mind off of the storms. Be with us in our walking on water.
Encourager and Supporter

What is God’s invitation to you at this time?
In what ways have you trusted Jesus’ invitation?

Matthew 14:22-33

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Bountiful Provider
Jesus you graciously turned water into wine at a neighborhood wedding, taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.
Help us to be present to the needs of our neighbors by taking our lead from you and following in our ways.
Life-Giving Spirit

What has the Lord provided for you when you most need it?
When has someone sensed your need and fulfilled it?

John 2: 1-11

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Tree of Life
You promise us hope now and forever, a reason to live and rejoice, the gift to create and give joy.  We see before us the river of the water of life flowing from the throne of God. You tell us the leaves of the trees are for the healing of nations.
Guide us to follow your vision. Provide tools and wisdom to help it be possible for all peoples.
Healer of Nations

Who are you invited to become in spite of other’s opposition?
When have you had glimpses of God’s reign?

Revelation 22:1-2

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Covenant-Keeping God
In you is every promise kept. The rains stops. The green leaves emerge. A rainbow appears overhead.
Let us be rainbow people, transparent, full of color, capable of bringing joy to those who need it. Help us move through the dark clouds to see your rainbow face.
Promise of the rainbow

What is the most spectacular rainbow you have seen?
What does the rainbow mean for you?

God said…”I set my rainbow in the clouds and it shall be a
sign of the Covenant between me and the earth.”
Genesis 9:12-13

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Strong Mother God
You work through great women like Miriam to save your people. You inspire creativity, courage, and compassion in ordinary people to become leaders joining in the dance of life.
Guide us as you guided Miriam to save others and to gather people to celebrate your goodness.
Giver of Gifts

When have you found yourself dancing in your soul for the gift of life?
When have you seen god work through others to protect children?

Exodus 2:1-10, Exodus 15:20-21

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Water and Spirit
You invite us into new beginnings in baptism. You began your ministry, your new work,  after your baptism
Let your Holy Spirit awaken us to new beginnings, new life in you. Help us remember our baptism, our dying and rising in you. Help us remember our new name, child of God
Beloved One

Why do you think Jesus was baptized by John? What is the significance of the Holy Spirit?
What touches you when someone is baptized?

Matthew 3:13-17

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You watch over us day and night caring for us like a shepherd. Even in scary times, you are there. You bless us with cups overflowing with love.
Show us how to love graciously and unconditionally. Help us trust you with our lives. Pour into our hearts your Holy Spirit.
Gracious Host

When were you first aware of this popular Psalm?
What does it mean to you?

Psalm 23

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Taking Chances God
Jonah was a reluctant prophet and tried to escape your call. he even escaped overboard the ship and was swallowed by a large fish.  You call us to serve your people and you trust us.
Continue to work with us in helping  show who you are and who we are in your grace. Grant us patience in following through on your call to us.
Persistent One

Why do you think Jonah didn’t want to do what God asked?
Have you ever acted like Jonah and run the other way when asked to do a task?

Jonah 1-3

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Healing Friend
Jesus, you offer people wholeness and healing. You challenge us to a new way of life of health in you. A man laying by the healing pool in Jerusalem for 38 years was challenged by you to live a new life.
Help us accept your challenges to live in harmony with you, to take responsibility for our lives. Guide us in pondering your question, “Do you want to get well?”
Word of Life and Hope

How has God guided you to make a change in your life?
What in your life needs to be changed?

John 5:1-7

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Faithful and Gift Giving God
You were present to Moses in his journeys and Joshua trusted you to be with him.  You urged him to be strong and courageous. You reminded him of your gift of the new land he was about to enter.
Guide us to your ways as we journey through new situations. Remind us of your laws so we may be your faithful people.
God with Us

How do you relate to God’s gift of land, or all of creation?
When has God helped you be courageous?

Joshua 3:1-17

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