Scholarship Funds

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Mary Mohlke Fund: To provide financial support for individuals to attend classes, conferences, etc. on subjects such as the following: spirituality, Christian education, understanding various faiths, church leadership.

Munson Scholarship Program: To encourage participation in the wider church by financially aiding members of NPC in being able to attend denominational meetings, conventions, and workshops.

New Initiatives Fund: Provide funding in the form of grants for New Initiatives for which a source of funding (all or partial) does not exist. Intended to positively change North Church, New Initiatives are defined as activities, events, programs, etc. which have either not previously been done at NPC or which have not been done recently.

Community Soup Grant for Students and Teachers: Do you have a great idea for a community project but need just a little money to make it happen? Consider applying for a Community Soup grant. This grassroots micro-granting program invites young people, ages 15-25, to submit proposals for projects that will benefit the Buffalo community. Community Soup events are held twice a year at University Presbyterian Church. Attendees from the community pay $5 for a simple meal and the opportunity to vote on proposals. After the meal, students make short presentations of their proposals and attendees cast their votes for the project they consider most worthy. The winner receives all of the money from the meal. Typical grant amounts range from $300-$600. The upcoming Community Soup event is March 19, 2017.

Presbyterian Mission Agency
Financial Aid for Service awards more than 1 million dollars annually to students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students may receive one grant or scholarship from this office.