Mission & Vision

Our mission as a Christian congregation in the world today is expressed as follows:

Brought together by our shared faith in Jesus Christ,
Called by God to live as faithful disciples,
Blessed by our diverse gifts and experiences,
We commit ourselves to:

  • Worship together,
  • Teach and learn from one another,
  • Nurture each other with care and love,
  • And reach out in ministry and mission to the world.

North Church’s Session tasks itself with being the stewards of the church’s vision. Session will seek to encourage and support individuals and groups in the church in new or revitalized ministries. Members of the congregation are invited to bring forward their own ideas for North Church to program committees or to the Session, which will strive to support all ideas that are consistent with the church’s mission. To extend the metaphor of the church growing organically: members of the congregation, brought together by a shared passion and purpose, sow the seeds; Session can be the trellis that supports the vine as it grows; and the whole church—and often the wider community—enjoys the fruit that comes as a result.

excerpt from Annual Report 2013, page 6.

Click here to download Acrobat Adobe Reader.

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