How YOU Can Help

Looking for a way to get involved in the mission and ministry of Jesus and North Church? We encourage you to donate by clicking on the “Donate” button below. Please also join us in the service opportunities below.


Friends of Night People

We serve a meal at Friends of Night People at 394 Hudson St., Buffalo, the fourth Tuesday of every month. At 8:00 a.m. that day, volunteers prepare the meal in the kitchen at North Church. If you can help one time or regularly, please contact Ann Eisenlord at 716-632-7487 or That evening from about 4:30-7:00, volunteers help serve the meal. If you would like to help serve, contact Barb Beall at or call 716-479-5794.


We gather to make simple dresses (for girls), shorts (for boys), and dolls, all of which are sent to children in need. New volunteers (of ANY skill level–even complete beginners!) are always welcome; we meet the fourth Monday of each month from 4-8pm. Stay for the whole time or for as long as you can. Please bring a salad ingredient for our build-a-salad supper. Dessert and beverages will be provided. There are no meetings in July and August. Learn more about Dress-A-Girl.

One Great Hour of Sharing

“You shall be called repairers of the breach, the restorer of streets to live in.” Isaiah 58:12

This verse is the pervasive theme for 2019’s One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS). One need only watch a newscast to see that there is much in our world that needs “repairing!” Fortunately, Christians around the globe can easily become “repairers” by contributing to the OGHS special offering. With your loving and generous support, our neighbors-in-need can be provided with food, shelter and self-development opportunities. The OGHS offering is commonly split into thirds with one third going to support Disaster Assistance; one third going to support Hunger programs; and the other third supporting programs that allow people to become self-sustaining. For two Sundays in March a flyer will be enclosed in the church bulletin that outlines examples of how your gift is being used.

As disasters both home and abroad have repeatedly struck, it is imperative that the church community rise to the challenge and help our neighbors. Your gift to OGHS is an easy way to meet this challenge.

The final collection of One Great Hour of Sharing will be held on Palm Sunday, April 14. Please be generous! Thank you, in advance, for being a “repairer of the breach.”

Directory of Donation Sites

A directory has been prepared to help you with the daunting task of de-cluttering. We all have more stuff than we need, but if you throw it away, it will sit in landfill for years. There are many agencies that welcome your unwanted, used items. They are detailed in this directory with contact information and lists of acceptable donations. Reusing and recycling may be a bit more work than tossing things, but it will benefit others in our community and be better for the environment. Please have a look at the document posted here: Directory of Donation Sites. You can pick up a print copy of the directory from the Mission Kiosk in Westminster Hall.

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