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Welcome, Mack!

North Church has found a new youth director! Mackintosh Barker has been hired to head the combined youth group of North Church and University Presbyterian Church in Buffalo. On Saturday, September 10, from 5-7 p.m., youth and their families are invited to a meet-and-greet North Church’s Memorial Garden. This will be a great opportunity for…

Grab a kazoo

Grab a kazoo (it’ll be provided!), bring a friend, and get ready to make some noise on Jazz Sunday, August 28!

If you like to be silly and move your feet, join us for this very informal time of merry-making before the busyness of the fall begins.

Cereal, Jam and Soup!

Cereal, Jam, Soup and Canned Vegetables! The Food Pantry at University Presbyterian Church is grateful for all the food we donated. They rely on donations and food drives to supplement food received and purchased from the Food Bank of WNY. Donations are low during the summer; but the need actually increases because children are not…