Olivia Ebsary

Coordinator of Sacred Arts

Olivia Ebsary brings many years of experience to North Church.  She  provides leadership and direction for the church’s  dancers who together seek to faithfully proclaim God’s word in dance  and movement.  Working with the music director,  the dance choir (“Ruah”) participates in worship celebrations and programs  at North Church and other churches.  Olivia is also a seamstress, teaches yoga, pilates, and dance at a local health club.

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  1. Charlie Bazan says:

    How do I get a hold of your Stoll’s. When I was at the conference I wanted to buy one but didn’t have all the funds. I have the funds and I would love to purchase one. I’m a new commissioned pastor at First Presbyterian Church In Graham, Texas and I already have three stoles . Anyway looking forward to hearing from you.

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