Communion @ Home

On the afternoons of the Sundays when communion is served at North Church, teams of Elders and Deacons take communion to parishioners who are unable to attend the regular church service. The elements for the Lord’s Supper will have been consecrated at the regular service. A reading of scripture and prayers accompany the distribution of the elements. Friends and family are welcome to participate.

Homebound parishioners known to the pastor will be contacted by telephone to see if the communion service is desired and to arrange for a time. If anyone wishes to receive communion at home, or if anyone knows of another person who wishes such to be provided, please call the church office at 716-632-1330, or speak to Pastor Bill or a deacon.

If you have been ordained as an elder or deacon in the Presbyterian Church USA (even if you are not now actively serving) and would like to participate as a server in this ministry, please let Pastor Bill or a deacon know.

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