Session members are nominated by the Nominating Committee and presented to the congregation in January for election at the annual congregational meeting.  Following training in February, the new Session members are ordained and/or installed on the first Sunday in March, and begin their term of service, typically for three years, in March.  The Session appoints a Clerk of Session and a Church Treasurer.  Currently serving elders are:

Class of 2018
Joe Alber
Ralph Doerzbacher
Bill Ervin

Class of 2019
Bill Clark
Sue D’Angelo
Shevaun Donelli O’Connell
Scott Marshall
Marsha Villano

Class of 2020
Anselm George
Warren Marcus
Rob Powell

Class of 2021
Joe Alber
Mary Atwood
Ralph Doerzbacher
Debbie Hutton
Marty Shafer

Moderator: Pastor Bill Hennessy
Clerk of Session: Sylvia Bigler
Treasurer: Mary Beth Karr
Assistant Treasurer: Ann Eisenlord

Session Standing Committees:

Administration/Personnel: Responsible for staff evaluations, contracts, and other staff and administrative concerns.

Adult Education: Plans, implements, and secures leaders for adult education classes and events.

Fellowship: Plans and implements fellowship events for the congregation.

Finance: Oversees the church’s finances, produces the annual budget for Session approval, gives at least quarterly financial reports to Session.

Membership: Reviews and maintains the church’s membership rolls, organizes and conducts classes for inquirers, welcomes visitors and new members, appoints mentors for new members.

Mission: Plans and implements congregational mission projects, disperses budgeted funds for mission work, advocates in the congregation and community for mission, social justice, and peace; promotes special denominational offerings.

Property: Maintains the church building and grounds; oversees the use of the church building.

Worship: Oversees the worship services; works with the pastor and music director to plan special services; recommends to Session the dates for communion; arranges for communion preparation, serving, and clean-up.

Congregational Committee:

Nominating Committee: Nominates elders and deacons to the congregation for election; helps to recruit committee members. The committee is comprised of two members of Session, one of whom serves as chair, and four members elected at large from the congregation at the annual Congregational meeting in January.

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