Alternative Christmas Marketplace: SPECIAL UPDATE

For the past 15 years the Mission Committee has held an Alternative Christmas Marketplace, a mission-oriented social event. Attendees selected charities and social services organizations to support in lieu of buying Christmas gifts for friends and families. The Marketplace has always been well received as well as successful. Each year the Mission Committee has been able to forward thousands of dollars to local, national and international programs due to congregational generosity.

Although we hope this event can continue to be a part of our church calendar in the future, we have made the decision to forego the Marketplace for 2017. None of us were happy to make this call, but we felt it was necessary in part due to the huge amount of time and effort this one activity requires. In addition there is a heavy burden of Mission activities for committee members throughout the entire holiday season.

Many of you have become accustomed to the Marketplace for Christmas gifts. We are providing a list of the most popular items from last year’s event, below. Each has a donation link if you would like to continue the practice of giving. It is our hope to be able to support an Alternative Christmas Marketplace in future years. We are always looking for new committee members and would welcome an inquiry from you.

Local Ministries:

National & International Ministries:

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