Urgent Need: Give to Oklahoma through North Church

Congratulations to all who gave so willingly to Martha Circle’s appeal for Church World Service Blankets+. As of this date, we have received just under $1,000. But, if you have not yet made your contribution, it is not too late. Please do so now!!

Please make your check payable to North Presbyterian Church, with the words “Blankets+” on the memo line, and drop it in the offering on Sunday. If you donate in cash, please just insert it into a plain envelope marked: “Blankets+,” and put it in the offering plate. The need is great. Thank you all for your generosity, in the past, as well as right now.

The families of Moore, Oklahoma, need your help. Entire neighborhoods have been leveled and the true extent of the destruction is still unknown. Recovering from tornadoes like those in Texas last week, or Oklahoma this week, is like running a marathon.

With your help, CWS is sending emergency relief supplies, such as CWS Blankets and CWS Kits to those in shelters. Recovery may begin with a bucket of supplies but it doesn’t end until everyone has a chance to recover, regardless of need.

Will you help us to be there for the most vulnerable when attention turns elsewhere?

Please donate now.

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