Presbyterian Women Announce 2012 National Goal for Thank Offering

Presbyterian Women’s annual Thank Offering is collected through women’s circles. Collection envelopes are available for others who wish to contribute. The 26 recipients chosen for 2012 include 13 national and 13 international programs based on merit, regardless of geographic location. At least 40 percent of the Thank Offering funds go to health-related projects and include programs that relieve pain, provide clean water, alleviate homelessness, provide educational opportunities, promote health, and improve the lives of women and children throughout the world. The national goal for the 2012 Thank Offering is $900,000.

Collections envelopes distributed at September circle meetings will be collected in October for treasurer Diane Sprague to submit for processing by Presbyterian Women, Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pa. Circle leaders have been given listings of individual chosen program recipients by the Creative Offering Committee of Presbyterian Women when they met in Louisville, Ky, in March 2012. That listing is also in the July/August issue of Horizons magazine. We give to others as a way of saying “thank you” for all that we have been given throughout the year.

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