Attention all Dress-a-Girl Seamstresses, Doll-Makers, Ironers, Cutters, and Runners!

We’re back in the swing of sewing starting on September 24th, the 4th Monday of the month! We’ll be meeting in Westminster Hall from 4-8pm, or for any part of that time. Our build-a-salad supper will be featured once again, so please bring a salad ingredient to share with the group. Dessert and beverages will be provided.

We have plenty of fabric to get us started on our third year of making dresses for children who would otherwise rarely, if ever, receive a new garment. We also have yarn and fabric pieces for constructing the dolls that are lovingly placed in a pocket of each dress.

If you’ve never been a part of this fun-loving, creative, and talkative group, please consider joining us! No sewing experience is necessary…we have plenty of jobs for those who are not especially handy with a needle and thread!

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