Sunday School at Home?!

In our pursuit of improving our children’s education, we have noticed one aspect still lacking is the take-home part of learning in Sunday School– to give our parents a chance to see what their children are learning and even to go over that lesson again as a family.

That’s why all our Sunday School lesson outlines will be posted right here on our website! The PreK-3rd grade curriculum will be posted with the main theme of each session along with the individual week’s Bible story lesson (many weeks the children will also be bringing home crafts relating to that lesson). And the 4th-8th grade lesson will be updated weekly with some thoughts from each week’s lesson in the book of Genesis, along with a list of small group discussion questions the youth went over that day.

This is not homework and does not require any kind of commitment – our young people have enough homework already and family schedules are busy enough – rather this is another resource for our families to take advantage of if they want. And maybe you’ll even have some suggestions and feedback about what we’re teaching your children – we always want to hear what our families are thinking. Please contact Peter Martin for more information or with any feedback.

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