Breakfast Lecture Series: Focus on Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

We enjoyed having Mona Abdulla share with us the effects of the “Arab Spring” on Yemen and help us better understand the civil war that’s happening there on Saturday, September 22.…/detailing-america-s-role-world-s-……/Lecture_to_spotlight_Yemen_cri…

When Mona was a child, she remembers how fun it was to grow up in two cultures.  Because of this, she feels she can easily connect with people from various backgrounds. Being able to view the world from different perspectives has given her the passion to be a voice for Arab-Americans, women, and other minority groups.  Mona hopes to use this insight to speak out against injustices and to demand change.  She would also like to empower other women through her work.

She was born and raised in Buffalo and works full time as a job counselor and part time in the community.  She received her BA degree in Psychology and her MS degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Buffalo State. She received the Hurculine Guthrie Commitment to Diversity Award.

Mona is also a board member of the Lackawanna School Board and loves being a public servant. Some of her accomplishments include:  being one of the first Yemeni females in the WNY area to attend college, the first Arab-American Muslim female in the WNY area to hold public office and the first Muslim female in the United States to give the calling of the prayer in the first all-female mosque in Los Angeles, California.

Save the Dates:

Please make sure to plan to attend these breakfast talks at Amherst and Clarence Presbyterian churches.

October 13, at 9:00 a.m. at Amherst: Mary Jane Shonn will share photos of her experience walking part of the Way of St. James, a walk that ends at Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Northeast Spain.

November 10 at 9:00 a.m. at Clarence: We will hold a discussion on solitary confinement. Representatives from both sides of the issue will present and then entertain questions.


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