Together We Are North

Stewardship 2020
Thank you to everyone who has responded to the stewardship drive. So far 56 pledges have been received for a total of $156,941 (as of 11/21/19). However, there are still 31 individuals who pledged last year who haven’t responded yet. The Finance Committee and the Session are continuing to work on the 2020 budget, so everyone who is planning to submit a pledge is encouraged to do so. It is incredibly helpful to have as much information as possible when making financial decisions for 2020. If you haven’t pledged and misplaced your pledge card, please visit the church’s website and print out the pledge card, pick one up at the Information table in the narthex, or ask in the church office. God bless!  The Stewardship Committee

We look forward to partnering with you now and in the future as we seek to ensure that we remain a vibrant community of believers.

Stewardship Brochure 2020
Pledge Card 2020

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