Together We Are North

You are changing the world.

You may have sewn a dress that will clothe a girl in another country. You may have cooked the chicken that feeds homeless people on the west side of Buffalo. You may have modeled Christ’s love to a child during Sunday school. You may have contributed to Care Cases of WNY. These are just some of the many ways we serve together.

Together we are a vibrant community of Christians who worship joyfully, support one another and, with God’s help, make the world better. Together we give our time, talents, and resources.

Perhaps you will decide to work with others for a common cause. Or reach out to someone you have lost touch with and make plans to visit. Or do something new and beneficial for yourself.

Come; share your love with a world that needs it: Together we are North: grounded in faith, growing to serve.

Give now.

Stewardship Committee:

Joe Alber (elder)

Ralph Doerzbacher (elder)

Bob Henderson (longtime member)

Norma Henderson (longtime member)

Rev. Bill Hennessy (NPC Pastor/Head of Staff)

Cynthia Machamer (member, NPC administrative assistant)


Logo created by Olivia Ebsary using a portion of artwork from the late Mary Mohlke

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