Update on Family from Eritrea

Recently, a fire occurred in the apartment above the flat on Grote Street where our friends from Eritrea lived. Freweyni and her daughters are all safe. The Red Cross took them to a hotel that night and Journey’s End found them a new apartment on Buffalo’s West Side. Freweyni and the girls are adjusting well to the situation and their move to their new apartment. They are remarkably resilient and very positive people!

Unfortunately, due to water and smoke damage, some of their belongings didn’t survive. Several members of the congregation have offered to donate furniture and household items that were lost, but we are still in need of a few items. Specifically, the family needs living room furniture. A small couch, love seat, or futon and some upholstered chairs would be ideal as the staircase to their new upper apartment is steep and narrow. Please contact Cynthia at the church office if you are able to help with this need.

In addition, please keep this family in your prayers as they get settled in their new neighborhood and get ready for a new school year. The girls can’t wait to get back to school!

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