Cereal, Tuna, and PB&J, Oh My!

The folks at University Presbyterian Church (UPC) have asked us to thank all of you for your generous support of its food pantry. The Mission Committee echoes their gratitude. You have responded to our request to regularly bring donations of non-perishable food. Summer is a difficult time for food pantries; folks go on vacation and donations decrease. Children who have been in school all year are now home for breakfast and lunch. The UPC food pantry needs our help once again.

Usually the easiest way for us to help is to send a check from the Mission budget or the Turkey Basket Fund, but not this year. The Mission budget has been greatly reduced, and although we still will be using excess funds in the Turkey Basket Fund for hunger-related needs, everything will be stretched further—a lot further. And then there is the big question of the federal budget.

Therefore the Mission Committee is asking the congregation of North Church to respond as they always have to specific needs. We need you to keep items for the food pantry on your grocery shopping list and to purchase something(s) every week. Especially needed are cereal, peanut butter, jelly, spaghetti sauce and pasta, canned tuna, and canned vegetables and fruit. If you buy it and bring it to church with you on a Sunday, the Mission Committee will take donations to UPC. Thank you as always for your overwhelming generosity!

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