Update on the Refugee Family Settled Last Fall by North Church

The family from Eritrea that we helped settle last fall is so grateful for the help they have received. Thank you all for your prayers, as well as the donations you shared to help furnish their apartment and to make their Christmas special. The girls, Suzana, Mariya, Selihom and Hoseana, have all started attending school, and their Mom, Freweyni is taking classes to learn English. Freweyni is excited to practice her newly learned English during visits and we have learned a few words in their language, Tagrinya, as well! They are a warm and loving family and it has been a pleasure to get to know them.

Many of you have asked if there are ways that you can continue to help this family as they settle into their new lives here in Buffalo. Of course, continued prayers for their safety and well-being are welcome, but there are some specific items that are needed as well. If you can help with any of the items on this list, please let JoAnne Alderfer (631-3963 or 867-3590 or joalderfer@yahoo.com) or Linda Koenigsberg (807-5045 or Lrkoenigsberg@gmail.com) know:

  • School uniforms – Monetary donations are needed to purchase these uniforms for three of the girls (required by the Buffalo Public School that they attend).
  • Warm clothing – Monetary donations are needed to purchase some clothing, shoes, etc. for Freweyni (Mom).
  • Technology for Learning English
    • A used iPad – If you have upgraded to a new iPad and are willing to part with your older model, please let us know. While the family is not connected to the internet, there are apps that teach English (for children and adults) that can be downloaded for their use.
    • A DVD player – There are also boxed sets of DVDs for learning English, but a DVD player is needed.
    • Family friendly DVDs (e.g., Disney, etc.) that would provide entertainment, as well as assist with learning English. Thank you all so much for your prayers and donations.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and donations.

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