Peacemaking Offering

Without doubt, our world is in need of peace. The Presbyterian Church (USA) has consistently affirmed peacemaking as core to our identity. The Peacemaking Offering provides a concrete way to contribute to the work of peacemaking in our communities, region, and world.  This is one of four special offerings in the year of the Presbyterian Church and will be received on Sunday, October 2. You may also give online.

Gifts given to the Peacemaking Offering will be used to support presbytery and synod peacemaking efforts. A portion of the offering remains with a local agency selected by the Mission Committee. This year we have selected a group called Yogis in Service (YIS) as the recipient. Yogis in Service is a Buffalo-based, non-profit volunteer organization founded by Catherine Cook-Cottone. The mission of YIS is to create access to yoga for members of our community. Practitioners of yoga speak of improving physical and emotional well-being and of gaining feelings of empowerment and coping skills. Cook-Cottone sums up the mission, saying, “Yoga gives you the tools to make intentional decisions in your life. The feeling of peaceful presence allows you the space to make really challenging choices.”

The program has been very successful, providing services to hundreds of people, young and old, who would otherwise have no access to the tools of yoga. Participants tell how yoga has helped them deal with life stresses in their community where poverty and violence are prevalent. We will have an opportunity to meet the founder of Yogis in Service on September 25 when she will address our adult education class and give a Call to Discipleship during worship service. Plan to learn more on that day. In the meantime, there are a couple of short videos that will help explain the value of this program:

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