Tales of Wonder by Marty Haugen

If you were in church on Sunday, April 24, you heard a selection from Tales of Wonder, which will be performed on Sunday, May 15, during the 10:45am worship service.

This delightful one-act play involves two main characters, the “storytellers,” who retell familiar stories of salvation—creation, Job, Jesus—in musical renditions. The adult and children’s choirs listen and respond in song and dance, bringing to life the timeless stories of our faith, passed on from generation to generation.

In addition to Haugen’s original texts and tunes, he also incorporates two songs by Donna Peña: I Say Yes, Lord and Against the Grain, the Swedish carol Many Are the Lightbeams, and a new setting of the now classic Fred Pratt Green text, When in Our Music God Is Glorified.

If you want to be delighted right down to the tips of your toes, you really shouldn’t miss this!

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