Youth on a Mission: Day Four (Wednesday)

We begin with bathroom cleaning duty for 80 plus. It is raining cats and dogs. The sermon/ devotional about David was really inspiring. And teen focused.

We loaded tools to go to a different site. The woman has been without running water since the storm.

As we were about to leave the Church where we’re staying, there was a big storm. In 90 minutes, 3 inches of rain fell.  The storm drains could not keep up with the volume. Many lower sections flooded over the curb and past the sidewalk. Some streets were over the bumper. Oncoming traffic created a wave that washed over the fender and hood and a 2′ wave washed right up the front window.  In a lower area, the water from sewers on higher elevations ran downhill. The water was over a foot deep. The pressure caused a manhole cover to blow off. Above the one foot of standing water, a two foot high column of water 24 inches wide gushed upward, like in upside-down falls. Sam got a video of it all as we slowly drove by:

After 1/2 day of work we headed to Ocean City Beach. We did wave body surfing. We watched a boat row out past the waves to check for rip tides and sharks. Then at least 24 played football.

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