Youth on a Mission: Day Two (Monday)

Day 2 Day 2e
5:45am: Will and Sam are track team members. The coach expects them to get in a 50 minute daily run. They met up with two other mission workers who are runners. Brian kept up for 1/4 mile and stopped to do tai Che in the park.

Today the work assignment is at a church whose members are black. What a great opportunity in light of the recent church burnings.

Day 2cDay 2dDay 2b

This is the church we are working to restore. The flood water was 1/2 way up the front door. There is also extensive damage from roof leaks. Raccoons were happy to live here and eat the wiring. Will and Sam spent the day removing drywall. Brian removed light fixtures and faulty wire.

Day 2g

Day 2f

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