Weekly Devotional

Abiding Love
Your love is a refuge in troubling times. You surround us with wings like a mother eagle.
You call us to follow you and strengthen us for the journey.
Guide us as we venture into new relationships. Fill us with your light and wisdom.
Bind us together in faith and love;
Generous God.

When have you been aware of God’s love?
Who has been a person showing god’s love in your life?
What have you learned to share from this person?

Many more devotions are available as well. One devotion will be posted on this blog each week.

God’s love is a refuge in troubling times. If this season is a bittersweet time or you know that this Christmas will be a hard one, we invite you to join us tomorrow, Sunday, December 14 at 4pm for a Service of Peace, Hope and Light.

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