Niagara Aerospace Museum Tour

The Men’s Fellowship ended the 2014 program year on November 1. Twenty-five men attended a breakfast and completed a tour of the Niagara Aerospace Museum at the Niagara Falls International Airport. On display is little-known evidence of the rich past and the continuing record of high technology that has been part of the industrial landscape of WNY. The collection includes the Bell P-9 Airacobra, of which thousands were produced in WNY as part of the Lend Lease Program; a test version of the engine used to blast the astronauts off the surface of the moon, returning them to their Apollo Spacecraft; the actual control panel used during the Apollo moon missions; the Curtiss JN-4 (Jenny), which was the premier World War I trainer aircraft for all of the country’s military services; and much, much more. It was a great way to complete the year’s program activities. Thanks to Colin Drury and Warren Marcus for providing information and photos of the museum and tour.

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