Serve with the Deacons!

The Deacons will be serving at Friends of Night People and the Urban Diner on Tuesday, August 26. We would love for you to join us! If you are a “regular FONP server” and need to take a little break, we certainly understand but otherwise, we could learn from your expertise! We are happy to offer a ride to any person who would like to help.

Heather Randall and Mary Atwood will be going to the Urban Diner on Paderewski for a 2:30-5:00pm shift and Jo Yorko, Kerri Bigler, Sheridan Skura, Cindy Ebsary and Vicki Komjathy will be going to FONP on Hudson St. for a 4:30-7:00pm shift. Remember: “The more, the merrier!” Please contact Sheridan Skura at skskura@ if you would like to help.

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