Weekly Devotional

Today is Confirmation Sunday. In recognition of this important milestone in the life of our Confirmands, please allow them to lead us in this week’s devotions as they share with us their faith statements.

Aaron Boos:
I climbed Mt. Ampersand in the northeastern Adirondacks when I was thirteen, it was a great experience for me. It was a lot of work but the view was amazing from the top. I think this experience of climbing a mountain represents my trek through life, the larger boulders are my hardships and struggles, the easy parts are when life gets enjoyable and you can slow down and enjoy everything around you. My mother represents God always there, encouraging me, and being proud of me when I accomplish something. There were easy parts and there were difficult parts. But my mother was always there to guide me through the whole thing. When the journey got hard, and I wanted to give up, she was always there encouraging and cheering me on. When I got to the top I was glad I didn’t give up, because the view was beautiful.

Screenshot 2014-04-03 at 2.20.46 PM


Madison Kahler:
Screenshot 2014-04-03 at 2.23.33 PM

Many more devotions are available as well. One devotion will be posted on this blog each week.

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