Weekly Devotional

Screenshot 2014-03-28 at 2.09.22 PMDuring the Tuesday, March 18 soup supper/worship service, we reflected on Celtic High Crosses. This reading and song (below) provided us an opportunity to remember whom we celebrate and why we look forward to Easter. We were asked to fill our Celtic crosses with the elements that make up our lives. Shown above is how one participant depicted her life.

There is one among us
Whom we do not know;
Host of highest heaven
Present here below

Listening to old people, playing with children, sitting with unwanted women, dining with isolated men.

There is one among us….

Counting sheep with the farmers, kneading dough with the bakers, making wine for the drinkers, making fun of the Pharisees.

There is one among us….

Welcoming runaway sons, healing near-to-death daughters, partying with outcasts, upsetting the insiders.

There is one among us….

Loving the unlovable, touching the untouchable, forgiving the unforgiveable, taking up what no one else wants to carry.

There is one among us….

Many more devotions are available as well. One devotion will be posted on this blog each week.

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