Have you been to Adult Education recently?

12974045383_3c5b27a104_o (1)
Photo by Marlene Harrington

Norma Henderson attended last week’s Adult Education class, John Bell: Singing and Writing. Here’s what she had to say about it.

“{It provided a} refreshing view of the importance of music in worship. Singing repetitious tunes that can become part of your being–carried with you–not just a lot of words. The group singing was great!”

You’re invited to join us this Sunday morning at 9:30 in the library where we will continue singing with the help of a DVD study, in preparation for John Bell’s visit on May 31. “Singing the Unsung” (DVD) will acquaint us with John Bell and how he teaches congregations to sing. In addition, we will study some of the themes in his book, Ten Things They Never Told Me About Jesus, such as business lunches, women and the disciples, and his family tree.

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