Make a Difference in the Life of a Child

Dress A Girl 2Dress-a-Girl seamstresses, doll makers, ironers, cutters, and runners: come sew with us on the fourth Monday of the month! We’ll be meeting in Westminster Hall from 4:00-8:00pm on Monday, March 24. Join us for all of that time or for any part of that time. Please bring a salad ingredient for our build-a-salad supper. Dessert and beverages will be provided.

A Partnership with Eastern Hills:
In the course of our work on the satellite of the Northtowns Family Justice Center (next door to North Church), we came to know Nancy McRae, who is a member of Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church. Recently, we discovered that she and a team of people were going to Cambodia to work in a center where young children have been rescued from human trafficking. We asked her if she would like to take some of our dresses and dolls with her for the children who live in the center. The children are ages three to 12. Early in February, 86 dresses were delivered to Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church as they packed their supplies to leave on the 14th. They were so thrilled to have the dresses, and several days later we received this note from Nancy:

I can’t thank you enough and your ministry for the absolutely beautiful dresses for our trip to Cambodia. What a work of art and a labor of love each and every one is. The smiles they will bring to those girls that are suffering should give you so much joy!

We were so happy to find another person to hand-deliver our dresses to a place where we know they will safely arrive and be lovingly fitted and worn. We have invited Nancy to come to Dress a Girl on her return to show us pictures and to relate her experiences in Cambodia.

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