Brian’s Blog


Brian Pettit and his son have embarked on major bike trip, so we asked him to create a blog so we could ride along. He has agreed to send updates, and you are welcome to share the blog with friends and relatives you trust. He’ll be sharing two things: observations about where they are, what they see, and who they meet; and his reflections on his spiritual journey.

In August 2011, Brian learned that cancer was growing in his colon and had migrated through the colon wall to the lymph nodes. Surgery removed everything and chemo was done as a preventative measure to assure that any microscopic cancer was killed. A year later, August 2012, the CT scan showed the cancer had migrated to his liver and was growing rapidly. Again surgery removed it all and chemo was given as an assurance that any microscopic cancer cells were killed. “I made it through the August 2013 CT scan with a clean bill of health,” Brian said. “Each day I thank God for the blessing of another day.”

Check out his blog!

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