North Church Members Honored

On Sunday, October 27, the three Circles of Presbyterian Women of North Church honored three individuals with Lifetime Memberships in Presbyterian Women.

Speaking for Martha Circle, Sylvia Bigler cited how Carol Meyers has served as a deacon two times (she is serving currently); volunteers at the Urban Café in downtown Buffalo, and is the “neighborhood go-to person when needs arise.” A retired registered nurse, Carol was a former room mother when her two grown daughters were younger. Bigler noted how Carol is like a “silent vapor,” meaning she fulfills needs quietly and effortlessly without fanfare, like “mist over water,” said Bigler.

Mary Kasbohm, on behalf of Ruth-Mary Circle, said Garidith Khayat has made “remarkable contributions to the church” that have been overlooked. She’s worked with Sunday school and VBS volunteers, taught confirmation classes, directed the youth ministry, and served as a deacon. Garidith serves on the Nominating Committee and in the Bell Choir. She joined North Presbyterian Church in 2004, and since then is known for her cheerful disposition, compassion, and heart for welcoming newcomers. A kindergarten teacher’s aid, Garidith is “a kid at heart,” said Kasbohm.

Ellie McConnell told about missions trips that Tim Ayler has served on, when she called on him to receive his award on behalf of Sarah Circle. McConnell said Tim taught Sunday school for two years and has also served on the Investment Committee. He may be best known for his volunteer service with the youth of North Church, having also most recently served alongside them in Watertown. Tim enjoys driving his vintage Corvette.

A big thank you to Carol Meyers, Garidith Khayat, and Tim Ayler for giving so freely of their many gifts to further the mission of North Church, Presbyterian Women, and the PCUSA.

Presbyterian Women in the Presbyterian Church (USA) began the tradition in 1912 of awarding these lifetime memberships as a way of honoring church members for their commitment to Christ and the mission of the church, as well as the purposes of Presbyterian Women, which are: to nurture the faith through prayer and Bible study, to support the mission of the church worldwide, to work for justice and peace, and to build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the PCUSA and witnesses to the promise of God’s Kingdom.

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