Recycle your used cell phones and printer cartridges!

The KMT now has a fundraiser display in Westminster Hall to receive your donations. Simply drop your used cell phones and printer cartridges in the box and they will be sent to our recycling partners who will reimburse us in cash. That cash will go to such things as church school materials and the purchase of our Feasting on the Word curriculum. This box will be out in Westminster Hall most Sundays in November and December, but please bring in your used items (and whatever else is recyclable according to our display) soon, because we need to get our materials to our fundraising partners by the end of the year.

AND A Big Thank You from the Church School Program…Three more volunteers stepped up to teach the November/December session. Thank you! Keep checking back for our needs in winter and spring of 2014. Thank you for supporting this congregation’s ministry to our children.

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