Dress A Girl 2From Deborah Yeomans at Cross Road Springs Institute (CSI) in Tanzania:

We had the honor of presenting the beautiful dresses you lovingly made for the sweet girls of CSI. I’ve enclosed the blessing I read as each group of girls was given their dress and doll. Know that every class of girls, including the 15- and 16-year-olds, thoughtfully chose and cherished the dolls. Bless you all for what you have given to these girls. Your loving work has touched their lives.

The Blessing
Receive these dresses as a blessing of you.
Because love knows no boundaries, when you put these dresses on,
know that the eyes that chose these beautiful fabrics see the beauty of you,
and they see that you are beautiful on the inside and outside.
When you wear these dresses, feel the hands that sewed them holding you.
Always feel the love and embrace of the women of North Presbyterian Church.
You are beautiful, you are valued, and you are loved.

Dress-a-Girl meets on the fourth Monday of the month to sew dolls and dresses for girls in third-world countries. The group will be starting up again on September 24 in Westminster Hall. All skill levels welcome!

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