Help Needed!

Help is needed in the church kitchen on Tuesday, Sept. 24th from 8-10am. Ed Eisenlord needs three people to prepare potatoes and onions for cooking. The cooked food is transported to Friends of Night People (FONP) on Hudson St. If kitchen work doesn’t suit your schedule, perhaps you could deliver the cooked food to FONP. It is ready to leave the church at 12.30pm. Please contact Jane Arnold at or 716-639-0344. 

We are also in need of volunteers to serve dinner at the Urban Diner at 385 Paderewski Drive from 2:30 to 5pm and at Friends of Night People at 394 Hudson St. from 4:30 to 7pm on Tues., September 24. Please contact Jane Arnold at or 716-639-0344.

Your generous donations of gently used clothing are appreciated. Please organize donations in sturdy and large enough bags to make it easy to transport. Thank you.

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