Destination: Graycliff Conservancy

graycliffThe Men’s Fellowship is sponsoring an all-church event on May 12. Our destination is the Graycliff Conservancy at 6472 Old Lake Shore, Derby, NY. This was a summer home and family retreat for the Martin family of Buffalo. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is unique in that it was designed to meet the requirements of Isabelle R. Martin, who was impaired, and thus required a great deal of light. Therefore you will see a much brighter and open design than is typical of Wright’s designs.

The cost is $10 per visitor. Children 8 years of age or older are welcome. We have arranged a tour of up to 50 attendees. The duration will be 2:30-3:30pm. Opportunity for sign-up and payment will be provided on April 28 and May 5. Maps will be distributed at those times. It is suggested that you will need at least 45 minutes driving time from North Church.

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