Where There’s a Will…

…There is the peace of mind that you have communicated how you want your wealth—whether large or small—distributed after your death. More specifically, with a will,

  • You will have named someone to serve as your executor or executrix, the person who will see that your assets are distributed as you wish
  • You will have indicated the individuals and organizations, such as North Church, you want to receive distributions from your assets
  • You will have named the person or persons you want to care for your minor children, should that be necessary
  • You will have prevented relatives or friends from having to guess how you would like your estate distributed following your death.

If you have a will, be sure it is up to date and reflects your current wishes and  circumstances. If you don’t have a will, North Church can provide you with materials to help you organize the information you will need for a meeting with your attorney.

Where there’s a will, there is peace of mind—for yourself and your loved ones.

Please consider including North Church in your will.

Committee: Joe Alber, Roger Gross, Mary Beth Karr

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