Annual Congregational Meeting

The annual congregational meeting of North Presbyterian Church will be held on Sunday, January 27, 2013. This meeting is for the purpose of electing elders and deacons, electing the four at-large members of the Nominating Committee, reviewing the budget for 2013, receiving the annual reports from the boards, committees and organizations, and conducting and other business appropriate for a congregational meeting.

In preparation for this meeting, you are asked to think about active members you would like to see on the Nominating Committee and ask them ahead of time if they would be willing to serve if nominated and elected. If they say yes, then come prepared to nominate them as at-large members of the Nominating Committee. (They cannot be members of the Session or Board of Deacons.) This will save us having to wait during the meeting while people try to think of someone to nominate.

Special Schedule, Sunday, Jan. 27

  • 8:30am Breakfast/Westminster Hall (Call the church office at 716-632-1330 with your reservation or sign up on the sheet located in the coffee bar in Westminster Hall.)
  • 9am Annual Meeting
  • 10:45am Worship Service/Sanctuary

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