One Great Hour of Sharing

Sharing Brings Joy. To Others, to God and to Us.

Imagine the joy when your gift changes someone’s life—both the joy someone feels as their burdens ease and the joy you will feel knowing that your gift is creating change! When you give to One Great Hour of Sharing, you are making a conscious decision to bring the joy and the love of Christ to some of the most vulnerable and desperate places and people around the world. You can be a channel through which God satisfies the hungry, comforts the distressed and brings hope to the poor and oppressed with your generous gift to One Great Hour of Sharing. The is accomplished by dividing the OGHS offering into thirds with one-third going to support disaster assistance; one-third going to support hunger programs, and one-third going to support self-development programs. In 2011, your generous gifts helped to deliver 3.2 tons of food; supplied 153 volunteer teams to aid in disaster assistance around the globe, and provided 62 self-development grants.

This is the 62nd year when churches around the world join together to “share their gifts.” One must only listen to the media to hear how great the needs are. Please prayerfully decide how you will help others through One Great Hour of Sharing and do give generously!

The One Great Hour of Sharing will be collected on Palm Sunday, April 1.

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