Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Meeting

Saturday, March 10

“Making Connections—the Live or Die Mission of the Church.”  The Rev. Dr. Tom Yorty, Senior Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church (Buffalo), will be returning to NPC to help us celebrate our 4th anniversary. He helped us kick off our men’s group in March, 2008.

Tom “…will explore the meaning of community, why it is an ‘endangered species’ today, and why the church cannot survive without it. In former times, a certain community was ‘built in’ to our social relationships and patterns of life. Today’s world is profoundly disconnected despite the sense some have of being ‘linked in’ or having hundreds of internet ‘friends.’ This is not to say that the past was some golden age of community, or that technology cannot assist in building community today. Rather the combination of deep loneliness and numbingly busy lives drives the quest for meaning, value, and personal worth. The church competes for allegiance from members and potential members with everything from social networks to yoga studios and fitness clubs to food co-ops. Yet, the church is uniquely equipped to offer a profound sense of belonging and making a difference to the world.”

Following up on our very successful drive for winter clothing in February, we are encouraging all of you who come to the March meeting to bring a jar of peanut butter, which will be donated to the UPC Food Pantry.  Also, bring your birthday suit and help us celebrate our existence.

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