You did it again, North Church!

Thanks to the generosity of North Church, the Dress-A-Girl seamstresses and doll-makers were able to send 199 dresses and 125 dolls to young girls in Haiti.

Sue Robinson, a member of Hamburg Presbyterian Church, and her companions will hand-deliver to dresses to children who participate in an educational project that Sue is associated with or who attend a health clinic that was named after Sue’s late husband, a former interim minister at Hamburg Presbyterian.

We look forward to making many more dresses and dolls and anticipate sending them to Haiti when Sue makes a second trip there in June. We invite each of you to join us on the 4th Monday of the month! Thanks again for your continued support.

A big thanks is also in order to Beth Vandenberg for her leadership and to all the Dress-A-Girl participants who help make this wonderful ministry possible. Keep up the good work!

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