Soul Feast

Soul Feast is a place to pause and prepare your heart and soul for the coming of Christ. Come rest, sit a while, ponder, dream and pray. Explore the gifts that await you in the Chapel, Narthex, Sanctuary and Westminster Hall.

  • Examine the banners, prayers, blessings and questions
  • Spend time in the desert and at the fountain
  • Pray the breath prayers
  • Contemplate visual images and draw wisdom for your life
  • Reflect on Advent questions and carry them with you
  • Reflect on Jesus’ family and your spiritual family
  • Help prepare a place in a cradle for Jesus
  • Make gold and white Chrismons for the Westminster Hall tree
  • Wonder about angels in your life

Bring friends over to visit during the day. Call 716-632-1330 to arrange for an evening visit.

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