Opportunity of the Week: The Men’s Group

One person has suggested that we should change our Group’s name to “The Testosterone Group.” On a serious note, this same person has encouraged us to opt for the name: “The Fellows’ Ship Group.” The implication is that the men at North Church are together on a journey—a ship. This name seems to be appropriate because the primary reason the Men’s Group was formed in 2008 was to foster an environment in which fellowship among the men could be increased. Men frequently have difficulty forming close bonds with other men—interactions that could result in new acquaintances and close friends.

This coming March, 2012, will represent our fourth-year “birthday.” During this time, our activities have included interacting with a wide variety of invited speakers at our monthly breakfasts; taking tours of various cultural-historical and business-related sites and organizations; and promoting congregation-wide events. See the Men’s Group Archive for a full list of what we’ve done and for some pictures.

Our regular monthly breakfast meetings are from 8-9:30am on the second Saturday of every month (except for December, January, July, and August). On average, 30-35 men regularly participate in our activities, and we enthusiastically invite other men in our congregation to join us on our journey. For more details on upcoming events and how to get involved, visit the Men’s Group.

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