Opportunity of the Week: Dress-A-Girl

“Dress-A-Girl- Around-the-World: Imagine a world where every little girl around the world owned at least one dress” is a division of Hope 4 Kids International. The purpose of the group is to provide girls who are at risk for sexual assault, sexual slavery, and abduction for sexual purposes a modicum of protection from the perpetrators of such violations. Girls who are given a dress are less likely to be victims of such crimes because they appear to be from a family of means or in the protection of an agency who is looking out for them. Dresses are distributed through approved outlets in at least 7 different countries and are generally hand-carried to these facilities.

Dress-A-Girl at North Church has been meeting for 1 year on the 4th Monday of each month. We meet from 4-8pm in Westminster Hall. We welcome people of all ages (yes, men, that means you too!) with an interest in participating in this worthwhile project – no sewing experience necessary! We have people who sew, people who choose fabrics for pockets and dresses, people who cut out fabric for the dresses, people who iron, people who make dolls, people who make and sew on yo-yos (a little flower-like decoration that is made of fabric), people who keep us laughing and working together, and people who simply want to do whatever is necessary to create cute, one-of-a-kind dresses and dolls for little girls who might never own one without our efforts. Fabric and thread and notions are provided, but if you want to sew and have a portable sewing machine you are encouraged to bring it along!

Our group is ever-changing and flexible! We have individuals from the community who attend and a regular crew from North Church that participates. After the article in the Amherst Bee was printed we had several more people express an interest in meeting with us and several joined with us in October to make dolls and dresses and to see how our sewing event is organized and run. Our North Church family has been especially generous in supporting our work through purchases made at the Alternative Marketplace and through donations of fabric, notions, and money.

Last, but not least, we share a delicious meal each and every time we meet – sort of a loaves and fishes kind of meal where each person brings a a salad ingredient to share with the rest of the group! Our build-a-salad dining experience is unique and different each and every meeting and the conversation that flows around the table as we share food together is equally stimulating and engaging, with new and old friends laughing with and listening to one another! And for those of you with a sweet tooth, dessert and beverages are always provided!

Please consider joining us on Monday, November 28th from 4-8pm! You may come for the full 4 hours or for 15 minutes – whatever fits your schedule! We welcome all and only ask that you be prepared to enjoy a fun and productive time with a working community of people striving to make a little girl’s life a bit safer and protected.

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