More than just on Thanksgiving or Christmas Days…

Each year on Thanksgiving and Christmas Days we see many Buffalo area volunteers serving dinner to the homeless, the hungry and the indigent in our WNY community. And we think and comment about how wonderful that is to see. But what happens to those same homeless, hungry and indigent people on the other 363 days each year? Although we are thankful for the many volunteer servers on the holidays, we ask where those many volunteer servers are when the holidays and TV cameras are not present?

At North Church we have committed to provide and serve food one day each month to the needy in Buffalo because we know that hunger must be addressed with the many who cannot afford to feed themselves on those 363 other days each year. To fulfill our commitment, we need volunteers from our congregation to help with this service. Anyone who has done this will tell you what an enjoyable, gratifying assignment it can be.

Our next date to serve is Tuesday, November 22 from 4:30 to 7pm. The place is Friends of Night People located on Hudson St. off Allen St. near Elmwood and close to Symphony Circle.

We need 10 people for this volunteer event. Friends and relatives are also most welcome. Please contact Jane Arnold at 716-639-0344 or and sign-up for November 22. We thank you in advance.

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