An Update: MEDA Program

North Church began its MEDA microloan program with your contributions of $1915, with that amount being matched by the Canadian government. Now after several years, we have made 108 loans to women and men in both Afghanistan and Nicaragua. A total of $14,875 has been loaned and of that amount $11,072 has been paid back. These loans are the realization of a dream for the individuals who receive them, as the loans help them, through sustainable business, to overcome poverty and build a better future for their families.

Take some time to log into to read stories about how microloans are changing lives. Click on “Giving Groups” and scroll down to “North Presbyterian Church Williamsville” where you will see all the names of the people who have received loans, the amounts of the loans, and how much they have repaid.

You will have an opportunity to again contribute to this effort at NPC’s upcoming Alternative Marketplace on November 6, 2011. Consider giving a gift of a microloan to someone at Christmas but also at the time of a birthday, anniversary, or other celebration. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

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